Price Comparison to help you buy Levitra online at cheapest price

Levitra is one of the popular medications that treat erectile dysfunction. Due to its popularity, this drug is available in online as well as brick and mortar stores. We are going to compare the price of Levitra in online pharmacies with the brick and mortar stores of the United States and Canada.

Price of Levitra in US and Canada pharmacies

  • Millions of people are interested in buying Levitra in both US and Canada to treat impotency issue. Price of Levitra in US pharmacies would be much expensive than the Canada pharmacies.
  • In the United States, offline pharmacies pills are in the price range of $39.59 for each pill of Levitra with the dosage strength of 2.5 mg.
  • In Canada brick and mortar stores would sell Levitra for around $25 for each pill of Levitra with the dosage strength of 2.5 mg.

Price of Levitra in reputed online pharmacies

  • The price of Levitra would vary from one online pharmacy to another but one good factor is that the rate of this impotency medication would be very less when compared to the pills that are sold in the US and Canada pharmacies.
  • For the dosage strength of 20 mg, Levitra would be sold around $42.41 for 10 pills that is $4.24 per pill.
  • Levitra medication is sold for $36.32 for 10 pills with the dosage strength of 10 mg that is $3.63 per pill.

Why Levitra is cheap online, but expensive offline?

cheap-levitraThis is one question that everyone gets after comparing the price of Levitra in online and offline pharmacy. The difference is very huge and there are many reasons behind it. A brick and mortar store should have a physical building to allow people to come physically to the store and buy Levitra. They should pay the rent for the building, electricity bill and so on. They do not source directly from a drug manufacturing company instead has 2 to 3 middle men or third party between them. This would significantly increase the price of Levitra. But, in case of online pharmacies, there is no such physical store or middle men. A mail order pharmacy would source directly from top manufacturing companies. So, the overhead costs are reduced to a greater extent. An offline pharmacy would add up the cost of Levitra to get profit but it is not needed for an online pharmacy.

What should you do?

You can choose an online pharmacy to buy Levitra as you now know the price difference between a mail order pharmacy and brick and mortar stores. When you opt for an online pharmacy to buy ED pill Levitra, cheap price is assured for sure. Not only cheap Levitra pills are assured to you but all the pills would be offered at a world class quality. Thinking about purchasing cheap Levitra pills? Choose an online pharmacy to make it true and treat your impotency condition in an effective way.make use of same online pharmacy each time to get more discounts and benefits.