Meridia dosage comparison

meridia-dosageMeridia is a brand name drug containing the active ingredient Sibutramine. It reacts by affecting the chemicals in the brain that specifically deal with weight balance. Although banned in the US, the drug still continues to sell in many parts of the world as both branded and generic medications. The drug was first discovered and patented in the US by Abbott Labs but later discontinued due to abuse besides a whole host of other reasons. Meridia is often used in combination with physical therapy to treat obesity that may be related to diabetes, high cholesterol and blood pressure. The dosages of the medication also vary from 5mg, 10mg and 15mg.

Meridia is banned in the US and cannot be purchased in retail outlets. This medication can only be availed with a prescription even for online pharmacies that sell generic versions of the drug for both US and rest of the world customers.

Meridia 5mg

Meridia 5mg is often provided to patients who are not able to cope up with higher dosage yet require a near term treatment to obesity. The patient’s cholesterol and blood pressure levels need to be constantly monitored for any anomaly that may occur due to medication.

Most online pharmacies selling Meridia 5mg usually retail between $30 and $55, depending on the number of capsules bought. The drug by itself does not cause too many adverse reactions in the body and only turns out to be effective when used in combination with physical therapy and exercise.

Meridia 10mg

The usual adult dosage for the Meridia is often recommended at 10mg per day. The medication is usually administered orally with or without food. This combined with adequate physical activity and therapy would provide optimum results to those suffering from the overweight issues. The usual time period for the medication is anything between twelve and sixteen weeks.

The prices for Meridia 10mg vary differently based on source of purchase either online or retail outlets. The generic version of the drug at online pharmacies generally vary from $63 for thirty, $119 for sixty, $159 for ninety and $292 for one hundred and eight capsules respectively.

Meridia 15mg

Meridia 15mg dose is usually given to patients who experience infrequent weight loss, which may be due to inefficiency of the dosage to tackle weight issues or complete lack of physical activity in the individual. In such situations, the patient is usually prescribed a much higher dosage albeit for a shorter duration anything between three to four weeks. Meridia 15mg is to be taken once daily and higher dosages are strictly forbidden and may prove fatal. The patient’s blood pressure levels and heart rate must be taken into account and monitored frequently both during and after medication.

The prices may vary for retail and online pharmacies. Usually in online pharmacies thirty pills of Meridia 15mg may be available for $85, sixty pills for $127, and ninety for $175 and one hundred and twenty for $302. Moreover customers buying Meridia pills frequently may also be eligible for bulk discounts besides offer coupons, rebates which may sometimes amount to fifty percent of the listed cost.

In retail outlets, Meridia pills are banned in the US so customers have to prefer buying the pills from online sources exclusively.