How to buy Xenical over the counter in the US?

xenical over the counter

xenical over the counter

Xenical is one of the few weight loss drugs that are available for purchase from brick-and-mortar drug store and other retail outlets. Xenical, which is the generic formulation of Orlistat, is available as a prescription medication for weight loss. The over the counter version can be bought under the trade name Alli. Any resident of the US can approach a store that offers the Xenical generic pills and purchase them by requesting for the same. The only criteria when buying Xenical OTC in the US is that the individual should be above the age of eighteen. If the weight loss medication is available at your local store, then this is the easiest way to get Xenical generic over the counter.

Is it possible to buy OTC Xenical from an online pharmacy?

Yes, it is possible to order Xenical over the counter from an online drug store. This just means that you do not require a prescription to place the order for Alli pills online. When using an online pharmacy for OTC Xenical you can choose how many pills you require and also for the best price. Many Xenical online pharmacies offer the drug at substantially discounted rates. Moreover, this variant of Orlistat is generally cheaper than the brand Xenical. Opt for a reliable online pharmacy as Xenical is a very popular drug and you would not want to end up with counterfeit weight loss pills that may be harmful to your health.

How effective is over the counter Xenical?

Over the counter Xenical is available at the dosage strength of 60 mg. This is low compared to the standard dosage strength of brand Xenical which is 120 mg. OTC Xenical is still very effective for individuals who are looking to lose weight steadily or prevent any rebound weight gain after significant weight loss. The lower potency makes the drug safe to use while also promoting the weight loss. Xenical 120 mg is recommended for use in patients who are highly obese and require that kind of medication in order to achieve the desired weight loss. Losing excess pounds with OTC Xenical is most effective when it is combined with a low-calorie diet and regular workouts.

What is the price difference between prescription Xenical and OTC Xenical?

Over the counter Xenical is generally available at a lower price. The average rate of Xenical OTC 60 mg for a 60-day supply comes to about $30.99 at the unit price of $0.52 per pill.

The average rate of brand Xenical 120 mg for a 60-day supply comes to about $56.40 at the unit price of $0.94 per pill.

These prices tend to change continuously and are different from one pharmacy to another. To get the best possible pricing, using an online pharmacy to buy Xenical OTC from will help especially if you are in the US. The drugs would also be delivered safely to your home without any hassles. You can then use the Xenical OTC pills as required to lose weight efficiently.